Prevent defeating

The machine´s reliability and suitability for practical use do not motivate the user to facilitate his work – as he thinks – by defeating guards. The following measures may contribute:

  • avoid danger points by inherently safe construction in order to render the use of guards and protective devices “superfluous”
  • provide for a good visibility of the process
  • provide for measuring and controlling works outside the danger zone
  • avoid break downs e.g. by
    • using high-quality workmaterials and components
    • providing parameters for preventive maintenance
    • thorough trial prior to delivery to the user
  • provide for sufficiently long working cycles in order to give the user enough time for fault clearance provide for clear concepts for simple and safe fault clearance
  • determine the necessary modes of operation and provide appropriate protection concepts (Example: machine tool)
  • fulfil the requirements of applicable technical standards 
  • design guards and protective devices to allow easy and simple use without hampering the user unnecessarily (Examples: restraint system at forklift trucks, drawing-in point on rollers, high bay storage facilities)
  • provide for a process stop with unproblematic restart
  • using appropriate modes of operation and ensuring sufficient overview over the process (Example: Safeguard at food processing/packaging machinery, machine tool)

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