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Assessing the incentive to defeat protective devices on machines – new!

The Excel spreadsheet for assessing the incentive to defeat protective devices on machines has been revised and provided with new instructions.

The former app is no longer available. A new app is currently being developed.

The Excel spreadsheet and instructions can be found here .

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Checklist „Defeating of protective devices“

The “For Users” section now contains a new checklist for preventing the defeating of protective devices. The questions on the purchasing process, on the suitability of the machine and protective devices, and on employee guidance describe the most important measures against defeating.

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New design examples

In the “In Practice” area, teaching module 4 “Design examples” was supplemented by a series of new examples from practice. Using these examples, the module illustrates further measures to prevent, obstruct and detect the defeating of safeguards on machinery. Click here for download and further information.