Checklist machinery purchase

As a matter of principle, working on machinery with the protective equipment being deactivated does involve higher risks. Accordingly, the Ordinance on Industrial Safety and Health prohibits defeating of protective equipment. This may lead to a conflict of objectives in the company, however. On the one hand, it is necessary to achieve a high productivity, on the other hand, protective equipment is a hindrance; entrepreneurs and operators violate a law by defeating protective equipment and thus render themselves liable to prosecution.

The only approach to this issue can be to purchase machinery which does not give any, or at least just a very small, incentive to defeat the protective equipment. This is to be considered already when purchasing a machine, for if the machine is installed, the company has to cope with all shortcomings for 20 or more yearsto come. Therefore, we are presenting a checklist assisting the purchase of safe machinery.

In most cases, it is quite possible to design machinery correspondingly; the manufacturer just has to take account of the operator´s requirements. As a rule, the products needed for their implementation are available. A motivation towards this behavior will arise when customers prefer machinery giving a low incentive to defeat the protective equipment.

Checklist machinery purchase (available in german)