Implementing measures

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Implementing the measures defined

In addition to a technically correct design and layout, the acceptance of persons working on the machine is an essential feature for a safety concept. Therefore, it is appropriate to inform these person groups in good time before implementing the specified measures. This information should include:

  • Which machine/process will be affected by the modification?
  • Which persons will be affected by the modification?
  • Which measures will be taken?
  • Will the usual work sequence undergo any change for the duration of the measures?
  • In which time period will these measures be carried out?
  • Who is the contact person for any questions relating to these measures?

With regard to the implementation itself, it is necessary to solve the following issues:

  • Who is responsible for the implementation of the measures taken?
  • Does the responsible person have, apart from the required technical qualification, the necessary authority to make decisions?
  • Is a complete risk assessment available for the measure to be implemented?
  • Is a complete documentation (e.g. technical drawings, circuit diagrams, static calculation, piece list…) available for the measure to be implemented?
  • Does the measure to be implemented have been approved?
  • Which decisions concerning work organization are to be taken?
  • Who will train the employees with regard to the changed situation (after completion of the measure)?
  • Is it necessary to make adjustments with adjacent work areas?
  • Does the intended measure have any influence on existing interaction between elements of available work equipment?
  • Who will record completion of the measure?
  • Who is to be informed about completion of the measure?

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