Intervention in case of misconduct

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Service technicians and specialists of the machinery manufacturer are in direct contact with the customer.

Therefore, it is useful already in the run-up to give these groups of persons clear instructions and rules on correct conduct should they find machines with defeated protective equipment.

Depending on situation and customer´s reaction, it may be very important that the specialists are not on their own and that they can be certain of their superiors „backing“, i.e. supporting them.

Where these specialists find out during their employments with the customers that the latter one has defeated the machine´s protective equipment, the following procedure is recommended:

  • Reattach the protective equipment correctly, or put it into an operarable condition, respectively. Documenttheworksdone.
  • Inform the user (e.g. management) in writing about defeating or other safety-relevant deficiencies found. 
  • Inform the manufacturer as well to enable him to adapt the protective concept of the machine, where appropriate. This exchange of information helps to break the vicious circle!