Placing on the market of machinery complying with safety requirements

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Declaration of conformity in accordance with the European Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC (MD)

Did the machine manufacturer give you a Declaration of conformity to forward to your customers? 

The Declaration of conformity shall provide the following details:

–        business name of the manufacturer and complete address
–        nameand complete address of the person authorized to compile the technical file
–        description and identification of the machinery (generic denomination, model, type, serial number, etc.)
–        confirmation expressly declaring that the machinery fulfils the provisions of the MD and where appropriate other directives
–        where appropriate: name, address and identification number of the body having carried out the type test
–        place and date of the declaration
–        particulars of the person empowered to draw up and sign the declaration

Instructions for use and maintenance

Are comprehensive instructions for use and maintenance available to be forwarded to your customers?
Do the instructions for use and maintenance contain information relating to safe use of the machine?
Are the instructions for use and maintenance drawn up in the official language of the purchaser?

Obvious deficiencies
Have you verified whether the machinery you intend to place on the marketis free of obvious deficiencies (e.g. no protective devices attached, hazard points not safeguarded, no marking)?
If your verification shows that the machinery has obvious deficiencies, theymust be remedied prior to placing the machinery on the market!
In case of unclear points, ask the manufacturer for information.
Contact a specialist, if necessary, where this information is not sufficient or not comprehensible.

Check whether it is possible to easily defeat the protective equipment on the machinery you sell.
[easily = e.g. with easily available tools, adhesive tape, cable binders etc.; see also standard EN 1088+A2]

Ensure that protective equipment (e.g. monitoring switch actuators) is attached permanently tothe machine.
Possible approaches for permanent fixation of the actuators are:
Non-reusable screws, riveting, boring out hexagon sockets, driving a ball into the hexagon socket, welding, … .

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