Being aware of one´s model function

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Are you acquainted with your specialists´ and service staff´s conduct with the customer as far as working in compliance with safety requirements is concerned?

…”that´s what the engineer/fitter showed us” … Unfortunately, this is a remark machine users often make in the context of defeating of protective equipment!

Where the machinery specialists – be it specialists from the manufacturing plant or the supplier´s service technicians – are working at the customer´s premises, it is essential to prevent defeating of protective equipment from being demonstrated or that the specialists even help defeating.

Also (and especially!) specialists with customer contact who automatically assume a model function must observe the provisions in the instructions for use and the European Machinery Directive, respectively. Where the specialists find out during their work that it is not possible to operate the machine in conformity with safety requirements, the machinery manufacturer shall be contacted.

Excerpt from the Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC,

Annex 1, cl. 1.1.2. ‘Principles of safety integration’

(a) Machinery must be designed and constructed so that it is fitted for its function, and can be operated, adjusted and maintained without putting persons at risk when these operations are carried out under the conditions foreseen but also taking into account any reasonably foreseeable misuse thereof.

The aim of measures taken must be to eliminate any risk throughout the foreseeable lifetime of themachinery including the phases of transport, assembly, dismantling, disabling and scrapping.

(b) In selecting the most appropriate methods, the manufacturer or his authorised representative must applythe following principles, in the order given:

  • eliminate or reduce risks as far as possible (inherently safe machinery design and construction),
  • take the necessary protective measures in relation to risks that cannot be eliminated,
  • inform users of the residual risks due to any shortcomings of the protective measures adopted, indicatewhether any particular training is required and specify any need to provide personal protective equipment.

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