Cause investigation

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Cause investigation

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Detect the causes
A hot potato: now, it is not the understanding that manipulation has occurred that is important. After all, this had been noticed before. Now it is time to discuss the situation with the persons involved – not to interrogate them.

In this situation, it is particularly important to create a comfortable discussion atmosphere. This applies both to the employee and to the executive. They both must be willing to bring about a change out of a constructive basic attitude. It is surely anything but optimal to start the conversation with reproaching each other (Boss: “I´ve told you time and again that…” Employee: “What´s the matter, nothing will happen anyway”). Therefore, using killer arguments is taboo for both sides. 

Time saved by manipulation is likely to play an important role in the cause investigation. Do not continue this tendency. Dedicate time to the cause investigation and, in doing so, show as an executive that this issue is of particular importance in your enterprise. 

For analysis and documentation of causes, we offer you a checklist for manipulation cause investigation (at the moment only available in german) as an aid. The causes listed serve as an orientation and require clear definition according to the situation and conditions in the respective enterprise.

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