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At every stage of the life cycle, preventive measures can help to sustainably prevent the defeating of safeguards.



To prevent safeguards from being defeated in operation, the manufacturer must supply the customer with a machine that is safe and user-friendly to operate in all phases of its life.



The user is responsible for the safety of its employees. This also includes proactively preventing the defeating of safeguards.



Survey on the defeating of safeguards

15. May 2024

A recent survey of the Institute for Occupational Safety and Health shows that supervisors often tolerate the defeating of safeguards. The result is a significantly increased number of defeated safeguards and accidents.

Short film on manufacturer responsibility

12. May 2024

The short film is aimed at manufacturers of machines and systems and highlights the challenges associated with defeated safeguards.

MaSeM: Web application for determining the incentive for defeating

11. May 2024

The Institute for occupational safety and health has developed a web application that can be used to determine incentives to defeat safeguards. The result is intended to help identify measures that lead to a reduction in the defeating of safeguards and subsequent accidents.

About us

With the information provided on this website, the Section on Machine and System Safety of the International Social Security Association IVSS intends to contribute to an open discussion within companies of the issue of defeating protective equipment. These discussions are to be the basis for new solutions to avoid incentives for defeat in the future, and thus to render acts of defeating protective equipment unnecessary.


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