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Define measures to eliminate the causes

A demanding task: The causes for manipulation found at step 2 are to be eliminated. Here, measures are to be defined.  

Measures of technical nature

  • Get support of manufacturer/supplier
  • Develop an alternative protection concept (in co-operation with the manufacturer)
    • Remember: Modifications of machines – in particular of the protection concept – require particular care. Fitness for purpose of an intended measure and its effect on the whole system is to be assessed within the framework of a risk assessment.
  • 3-step method:
    • prevention (e.g. other protective device: light curtain may be more appropriate than guard gate)
    • making manipulation more difficult (e.g. coded position switch)
    • detection (e.g.  control system detects that the position switch is not actuated)

Measures of organizational nature

  • Define corporate directives (e.g. “We do not tolerate manipulation in our company!”)
  • Define the consequences of violations of the corporate directives
  • Modify the process sequence (e.g. replace inappropriate machines or work with an appropriate machine, respectively)

Individual-related measures

  • Courses and seminars
  • Training, instructions

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