Optimum customer counselling at purchase

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Good customer counselling, and clarifying your customer´s needs prior to selling a machine will efficiently contribute to the machine´s protective equipment not being defeated later. It is essential to help the customer such that he will purchase a machine with an optimum operability for his needs.

Therefore, it is advisable to co-operate with the customer to clarify decisive issues prior to sale:

a) Clarifying the machine’s fitness for purpose
Do you know for what and how the customer will use the machine?Is the machine really fit for purpose and did the customer give you the precise requirements (in best case in written form)?

b) Special mode of operation
Experience shows that special operation of a machine often generates specific customer needs. Therefore, it is essential to determine whether the modes of operation provided on the machine fulfil these needs as demanded by the customer or whether it is necessary to retrofit the machine.

c) Conformity with regard to safety
Does the machine´s condition comply with the essential health and safety requirements?

d) Operator friendliness
Does the machine fulfil the customer´s needs also with regard to ergonomics, and is it correspondingly user friendly? This is particularly important for special operation as customers often need a direct view to the process.

Information for customers:
Information leaflet by Suva: ‘Working equipment – safety begins at time of purchase’ (only in german language)

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