Description of the situation

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In a first step, the actual situation should be documented in order to compile basic tasks. Important: this is not the question of finding a ‘culprit’ for the defeating but a question of finding the causes and – as an additional result – enhancing the operability with identical or higher safety level.

Which machine is defeated?

Where is defeating done?

  • Guard gate switches

How is defeating done?

  • Bridging
  • Screwing actuators off
  • Removing fixed guards permanently
  • Software defeating
  • ….

What are the jobs where defeating occurs?

  • Fault finding
  • Maintenance
  • Setting-up mode
  • Production
  • ….

Who defeats?

  • Operators
  • Manufacturer´s staff
  • Maintenance personnel
  • ….

Is the machine still in the condition it was in at the time of purchase?

Answering this question may result in different measures to be taken at later stages. On the one hand, the manufacturer shall take design measures to ensure that non-intended use is prevented. Should the defeated machine be in its original condition, your information will provide valuable information for the manufacturer. This information will help the manufacturer both to comply with his obligation to observe his product and to verify his design solutions.

Should the machine have been modified by you or one of your staff since its having been purchased, it has to be checked whether this modification has been made on the basis of a risk assessment or whether this assessment has taken account of the requirement to prevent non intended use.

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