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Incentive for defeating protective devices:
App for Android und iOS

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A method has been developed in order to evaluate the incentive for defeating protective devices. The method has been incorporated into the standard EN ISO 14119. It is now available as an App for use on smartphones and tablets running Android and on tablets running iOS. The app is free of charge.

QR code for downloading the App (Android and iOS):

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New tuition module with design examples available for download

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The In-Practice-section now offers a new tuition module. Using a number of design examples, the module illustrates concrete measures to prevent, obstruct and detect the defeating of safeguards on machinery.

Click here for download and further information.

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Defeated turning machine

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The Swiss Social Accident Institution SUVA provides on their website an analysis of an accident on a turning machine.
The corresponding presentation can be used for instructions and training purposes. The current version (only in german language!) is available for download : here

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DGUV has published Tuition modules for accident prevention

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The new tuition modules published by DGUV (German Social Accident Insurance) are intended to assist occupational safety and health speakers seeking to address the subject of the defeating of protective devices on machinery during talks for manufacturers and operators of machinery, OSH professionals and labour inspectors. In addition to an introductory module, special modules are available for personnel involved in the design and operation of machinery:

The modules take the form of Powerpoint files. The speaker’s notes for each file contain further information supplementing the content of the slides. The modules can be used in their entirety or selectively as required. Speakers therefore decide for themselves how much time to devote to the subject of tampering and in what depth to address it in their talks, and can adjust their talk to the audience.

The tuition modules use examples of machines from particular sectors. The principles communicated in this way can be transferred to other sectors. Experience has shown however that participants in further training prefer examples from the area of activity with which they are familiar. Consequently, if you have added slides of your own, we would appreciate receiving them in order for us to extend the tuition modules.

Click here for download and further information.

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Technische Regel TRBS 1151 refers to stop

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The TRBS 1151 “Hazards at the interface human-work equipment – ergonomic and human facts, working system” has been published to concretize the German Ordinance on Industrial Safety and Health.

Hazards by defeating of safeguards are represented in detail in addition to further hazards.

Attachment 6 of this technical rule concentrates solely on this aspect.

Especially indications for determination of defeating incentives are given.

For this purpose an evaluation scheme in the form of an excel table which is a part of the TRBS 1151 developed by the Institute for Occupational Health (also via

This rule refers to for further information concerning defeating of safeguards.

Link to the text of the TRBS 1151 (in German available):